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Important consumer information Unfortunately shopping in the internet is not as unbureaucratic as it used to be. We are lawfully committed to design our Shop after guidelines of “ Law governing foreign sales“, so please be so nice and read the following text very close before ordering our music and fan articles. In the following text you can find the lawfully mandatory information about contracts in the “Law governing foreign sales“and the electronic business connections. In particular you are being informed about your right of withdrawal. The consumer information is saveable in .zip format, to print them out it is neccessary to have Javascript enabled) I. Law governing foreign sales § 1 Idendity / address of the contractor When ordering in the following shop, a contract is materialized with the Schneyer, Steyer, Beranek, Gomes, Stitz, Frisch, Gueckel and Hundt – GbR, signed with the firm name Adversus GbR, represented by the participator Torsten Schneyer Address of GbR: Adversus GbR Torsten Schneyer Bismarckstraße 8 63065 Offenbach Tel.: 069/82994743 E-mail: Bank connection: Adversus Volksbank Heuchelheim BLZ: 513 610 21 Konto Number: 4519523 SWIFT/BIC-Code: GENODE51HHE IBAN: DE95513610210004519523 § 2 Business and contractual use The business use of the contract is the commercial distribution of Adversus sound storage medium, Adversus art and other Adversus merchandise articles. § 2a Description of goods A more detailed description of our merchandise is to be found in the single product descriptions on our following catalogue. § 3 Details of conclusion to a contract With pushing the following “Next“ – Button you are coming to our actual shopping system. a) There you have the possibility to inform yourself about single products with detailed product descriptions. b) After assorting and after clicking the button “Place order“you will get to a new web site. There you can find a set form, where you can enter necessary own information, such as name, address, email address and wished method of payment, which is important for the conclusion of contract. In the big order field please enter the amount, art and order number of the designated article, i.e. “1 x Adversus T-Shirt (Girlie), Order number: # 02 “ c) If you do agree with the content of your order please click on “Order”. d) You will again see an overview of your order. If you want to correct the entered data, please click “Change order”, if the data is correct please click “Order is ok”. You also can leave the shop without ordering with using the button “Cancel order“. e) Now you have the possibility to save and print the final text of contract. With the “Order now” button you can finally send your order. You also can here leave the shop without ordering with clicking the button “Cancel order”. f) Right after that the Adversus GbR will confirm your order via E-Mail. With this confirmation the agreement of sale is accomplished. The named E-Mail includes all lawful mandatory user information. § 4 Price of the merchandise The particular price can be found in the detailed product information of our catalogue. The named prices within the catalogue are of course gross prices including all taxes. Additionally only delivery and shipping costs accordant to the following clause (§ 5) will be raised. § 5 Delivery and shipping costs a) The Adversus GbR is charging following shipment cost flat-rates at following level Shipment within Germany: Up to an order value of 16 EUR, postal charges and packaging are 2 EUR Up to an order value of 32 EUR, postal charges and packaging are 4 EUR Shipment to foreign countries: Up to an order value of 16 EUR, postal charges and packaging are 4 EUR Up to an order value of 32 EUR, postal charges and packaging are 8 EUR § 6 Details regarding payment and shipment a) We are offering the following methods of payment - prepayment through bank transfer Bank connection: Adversus Volksbank Heuchelheim Bank code: 513 610 21 Account number: 4519523 - and through cash on delivery. b) We exclusively deliver with the German Postal Office (Deutsche Post AG) c) The CD will, with prepayment through bank transfer, be sent as soon as the money for ordered merchandise has arrived, with cash on delivery as soon as possible, latest 2 weeks after receipt of order. d) Adversus will not accept any liability for damage or loss caused by the German Postal Office (Deutsche Post AG). In case of a transport damage or loss please inform us immediately. Further any claims from your side are asserted to the next close Postal office. § 7 Right of withdrawal a) Accordant to § 312d BGB you as a user have the right to withdrawal your contract with the Adversus GbR within two weeks after receiving the merchandise. The withdrawal does not have to include a justification and has to be declared in text form (§ 126 b BGB) or by sending the merchandise back to Adversus GbR. Respite ensuring the posting to the above mentioned address (§ 1) is satisfying. b) If it is about audio and video recordings or software, which has been sealed by us, your withdrawal right will expire if you unseal the merchandise. c) With excertion of the withdrawal right you are not bound to the act of sale. With excertion of the withdrawal right you are bound to send back the merchandise, if it can be sent as a package. Costs and danger of the return consignment is covered by Adversus GbR, unless your withdrawal is regarding an order amounting not more than 40EUR, excluding the shipping costs. In last case you as a user have to carry the costs of return consignment, d) On receipt of the returned merchandise Adversus GbR will compensate the order price and, in case they have to be carried after c) by Adversus GbR, the usual costs of return consignment. II. Duty to inform in electronical business connections § 1 Technical steps to conclusion of contracts and possibiliy to correct input data error The single steps, which are leading to a conclusion of contract with the Adversus GbR, as well as the medium, with which you can recognize and correct input data error before confirming the order, have been already described under § 3 of “Law governing foreign sales”. § 2 Saving of contractual data a) Your order will be saved together with our E-Mail confirmation. This data is not electronically available for you. You can get information any time through the under § 1 mentioned ways of communication and the contractual content though. b) Personenbezogene Daten werden nach den Regeln des Bundesdatenschutzgesetzes und des Teledienstdatenschutzgesetzes erhoben, verarbeitet und genutzt. Die Adversus GbR garantiert, dass Ihre persönlichen Daten nur zum Zwecke der Abwicklung der Bestellung verwendet werden, also insbesondere nicht zu Werbezwecken an Dritte weitergegeben werde b) Personal data will be used and accepted through the rules of the “German data protection Act” and “Tele service data protection Act”. The Adversus GbR can guarantee that your personal data will only be used to execute your order, but will not, particularly not for commercial reasons, be given to third persons.

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